Liquid moodImage by emily_well_mannered via Flickr Many online entrepreneurs and enterprising webmasters realize the value of article advertising. Visualize this: once a piece of writing is forwarded to an article index, it can chosen up by a lot of online and offline publications. And since such writing piece cannot be reprinted without| putting the accompanying resource box, you'd be able to reveal your URL to several persons. But here's the point: article marketing is an obligation. You will need to compose and present no less than 4 pieces of writing each week just to be competitive. But what if you don't have the time to compose and present compositions that regularly? Is there an easier method to carry out things? You're in luck! There is really a fairly novel means that assures to put your website in the front page of SERPs just by tendering one piece of writing -correct, just ONE. This technique is coined Bum Marketing, and it was conceptualized by a ground-breaking online marketer named Travis Sago. When it was first issued by the closing stages of 2006, it made rather an influence in the scene of eCommerce, and for nice grounds at that. So what is Bum Marketing and how, precisely, does it operate? Bum Marketing begins with the assortment of the correct keywords. Nothing new you might think? Consider one more time. We're not just looking for any keywords. We're looking for a saying that persons really utilize to look for information online, where such saying commands a lot of searches but is supplied by only a few websites. For example, you have chosen the theme "dog training." The theme directs thousands upon thousands of searches everyday. However, the precise keywords of "dog training" brings numerous web sites in the search engines. The theme is too universal. If you utilize the keywords as they are, you won't be able to obtain a lot of visitors for your site. The remedy? You need to restrict it. "How to guide your dog to get the paper," the precise key phrase, gets a mere 300,000 web sites. This figure is simple to control! The next step you need to accomplish is to compose a composition that will encompass the key line above. The principal line should come up at least thrice for every 100 words of text. A 250 to 1,000 word article will be enough.

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