blogging-tipsWhether you are blogging as a hobby or blogging for profit it's easy to miss the boat when it comes to content.

It's easy to create a blog and write articles without putting a lot of thought into them. I know that from experience.

Even when I write articles that I want to publish on article directories it's important to put thought into them and focus on one key point but it's so easy to get side tracked and then I start adding things that should be in another post or article.

It's Important To Have A Plan And Then Follow That Plan

I am talking to you but I am also giving myself a swift kick in the pants because I know these things. I just get in a hurry and before I know it I have written a bunch of crap again. Stick to the plan, that's what I havfe to keep telling myself.

Are you just writing for the sake of creating content?

Yeah? Then you need to stop it right now, take a step back and learn, or in my case remember, what will make your blogging experience better for both you and your readers.

I am writing this little post today because this is one of my biggest blunders online. Writing something just for the sake of having more content.

I really love the fact I use Bloglines as my news feed reader. It just makes keeping up with my favorite writers so much easier than using bookmarks.

I learn so much from them, and this morning wasn't any different.

I am always looking for more organic search engine traffic and this morning Mark at the Niche Store Builder had another helpful post ready for me to read over my morning coffees.

Today Mark's article on 6 Ways to Drive More Organic Search Traffic was well worth the read.

The point that grabbed me most was about linking to authority sites. I seem to really get slack when it comes to giving out links. I know it's because I get too much on my plate and I am jumping around way too much. Focus Jim, Focus.

I like top 5 or 10 lists and have created a few of my own. Just not nearly as many as I should. When I got to Mark's point on writing top list he led me to another blog that had a great list of post ideas, again well worth reading. Take a couple of minutes to read NikNik's 30 Blog Post Ideas To Keep Your Content On A Roll.

I like NikNik's idea for writing a series of posts instead of one big long post, which is what I normally do. It's not the first time I have read about this idea but I sometimes need to hear things more than once, just ask my wife.

I have been using a lot of private label rights articles for my blogs but don't really feel I am benefiting myself or my readers by using them so I am considering looking for guest writers for more unique content.

That should give me enough slack to start a couple of article series without feeling pressured to get out more content.

I am also putting a few of my blogs on hold for the next few months to give myself a bit more room to work on the blogs that need some extra lovin'.

Today is pretty booked up so I will only think about writing a series and take some notes. Tomorrow I will start the first series on one of my gardening blogs. Then I will start a series on one of my fishing blogs.

I will do my best to keep focused and to stick to one, maybe two points per post and leave the rest for the rest of the series. Should be fun.

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