The main difference between buying ebooks to learn more and buying ebooks with reseller rights to learn more but also to earn more money online. If you buy an ebooks without resale rights you will only make money online by applying the strategies you learn from the content. That is great but you are leaving money out of your pocket by not buying your ebooks with reseller rights. So what I suggest is that you take your time looking for information that will improve you bottom line but be sure you make the purchase that includes the right to resell the product. There will be a difference in the cost. I have purchased ebooks without resell rights for as little as 5 cents but would have only paid 20 bucks for reseller rights. In the cases that I chose to purchase only the ebooks I didn't want to promote them, well not at that time. eBooks with reseller rights are easy to create. There are a few ways to make money with reseller rights on your products. 1. If you are skilled in an area of interest you can write a helpful information product and sell it as an ebook with reseller rights. You can charge more than if you were just to sell your information products for reading purposes only. By selling ebooks with reseller rights you give the buyer the opportunity to earn from your work. 2. Affiliate marketing. You can promote other people's work through ebooks with reseller rights and earn a commission as an affiliate. 3. Private Label Rights Products. Here others have written content as articles and ebooks but the difference here is that when you purchase PLR or private label rights products you can resell them as your own. When I buy private label rights ebooks with the purpose of making them into ebooks with reseller rights I take the time to modify the content so that I make it my own. Nothing bugs me more than to buy a product to find it is exactly the same as another with only the name changed. I find that a little dirty and lazy. Don't do this. The time it takes to create a product from scratch may not be in the cards for you yet because of the time required. That is where private label rights products can make you great money online. Make a new ebook cover, change the content and even add to it so that it is uniquely yours and then put your name on it. Ebooks with reseller rights can be your ticket to all the wealth you desire and it only takes a bit of planning, a little investment of your money and time. Take a minute and checkout my Private Label Rights site and get the online income ball rolling.

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