I was reading a blog post from Ades on AdesBlog.com this morning about Twitter and a plug in that is great to have.

The world is full of twits and that can be a bad thing but the Twits I follow are worth following and they are not bad at all. They are Twitter-ers and use Twitter.com to express thoughts of 140 characters or less.

I have been a Twitter-er for a few months now and it's nice to be able to just throw out a message and have it appear infront of all those I follow in Twitter. You can follow me at Twitter and see how it works.

Currently I am only following a few people but as time marches forward I am sure I will be reading the Twitters of new friends.

Ades is one of those Twitter-ers that I follow because he has things to say that benefit me. I love to learn and if Twits can teach me I will listen.

The plugin that Ades talks about is one that I have used from the time I learned about it. It allows me to make a post from this blog and my post is automatically referred to on my Twitter page.

Twitter Tip of the Day

But I also use FireFox and have a Twitter Tools Addon that allows me to use the address bar to Twitter a message of 140 characters. I don't have to make a post or even log into Twitter.

It's all part of the social networking which can take time so this little add-on helps me do the social networking a bit eaier and faster.

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